Electric Bike Conversion Kits are one of the most cost effective ways to join the growing community of electric bike commuters without having to sacrifice the major details you want, such as the type of frame used. ElectricRider focuses mostly on high performance ebike kits ranging from 1000W to 3000W, making most other ebike kits seem like toys. With electric bike kits that fit almost every frame out there, you have a world of bikes to choose from, and can make choices based on your specific needs. Installing a conversion kit is easy for most folks, as they are designed to be Plug N Play. The only real work is related to regular bike mechanics like installing your tire and tube, not electricity. Here are some of the most popular ebike conversion kits offered by ElectricRider:


Phoenix II Kits have become one of the most popular hub motor kits out there for commuters due to the amazing amount of power they offer. From 36V to 72V, Phoenix II kits can range from 1000W to 3000W, getting up to speeds of 50mph with NO pedaling! The Phoenix II Brute 4840 is the most popular hub motor kit for pedicabs due to their unbeatable torque and reliability. The Phoenix II 7240 Cruiser is famous for its unbeatable 50mph top speed, and as you can imagine, that kind of power never gets old!

Bafang 8Fun Mid-Drive Kits are designed for high efficiency, using the pedal gears like a transmission to take you from high torque hill climbing to high speed cruising with just a few clicks of the shifter! Bafang 8Fun kits are available in 500W, 750W and the latest 1000W versions, but they feel far more powerful since the electric motor utilizes the pedal gearing. Bafang Mid-Drive kits can go a lot further on a single charge than most ebike systems due to their highly efficient design.

RoadRunner II Conversion Kits for 16inch wheels are ideal for recumbents and other vehicles requiring a hub motor that fits such a small rim. The 36V is 900W and the 48V is 1200W, which is about as much power as you can reliably put through such a small hub motor.

BionX Hub Motor Kits utilize some of the latest technology to make a very "sophisticated" electric bike. Using CanBUS protocol, each component of the BionX system communicates with each other constantly to provide a very smooth, efficient, and reliable electric commuter. With mulitple levels of pedal assist, the rider can choose how much or little effort they put into each ride. This is a great source of physical therapy and excersise when you can't do it with pedals alone. With a BionX Kit you can enjoy those long scenic bike rides again, putting in only the effort you feel capable of putting in at that time!

Phoenix II electric bike kit | Electric bicycle kits with serious power

Phoenix II electric bike kits were designed for real commuting, using only high quality components to create a reliable and powerful source of transportation. The market is flooded with e bike kits, but one of the biggest complaints we’ve heard is that many of those systems require more time in repair than on the road, which can get extremely frustrating and discouraging. While no product is perfect, over the last 10 years Phoenix II kits have earned a reputation of quality, reliability, and amazing performance. ElectricRider has always been big on quality and reliability, and while we pay more for things like rust preventative paint, honeywell sensors, NSK bearings, larger gauge wire, etc, it has always been well worth it. Most sellers are not willing to pay extra for these things, which puts Phoenix II kits in a class of their own. ElectricRider also services and stocks all parts to keep even the oldest Phoenix II kits out there running, down to plugs, bearings and wires. Phoenix systems are designed to last forever, and that’s what we call cost effective!

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What does it feel like to ride a Phoenix II?

Our customers often describe their experience in comparable ways:

“…very high quality, works flawlessly!”

“It works beautifully! We’ve reclaimed territory we haven’t ridden in 20 years”

The exhilaration of riding your Phoenix II for the first time – hearing nothing but wind blowing alongside your face as you are propelled by a powerful electric motor – is nothing like you’ve ever experienced before, and are sure to never forget. Our customers often contact us to stress their satisfaction….. surprisingly powerful, yet so smooth and quiet…..much different than any other ebikes they have ridden. The main difference between Phoenix and other electric bike systems is the amount of power Phoenix systems have, meant for serious commuting without having to pedal. Do you have the same interest for a ride you want to take but wouldn’t, or simply just couldn’t do so without the power of electric assistance? A Phoenix II system provides confidence to the rider, knowing they can pedal as little or as much as they feel like pedaling that day.

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In addition to your conversion kit, this is a one-stop-shop for all you need- we are proud and unique to be able to say we build Lithium-Ion batteries right here in our facility, so when purchasing a battery, you are supporting American job growth and also have the peace-of-mind knowing that you have the convenience of getting it built and serviced right here at home.

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Phoenix II Kit :A Guide to Choosing your kit

System Volts Amps Watts

Cruiser Top Speed
(High Speed Motor)

Brute Top Speed
(High Torque Motor)

3625 36V 25A 900W 26mph 21mph

If you are looking to take the pain out of your commute, or simply need some help on the hills, ElectricRider's Phoenix II 3625 hub motor system may be what you need. The Phoenix II 3625 system will bring a new life and meaning back to that old bike frame that's been sitting down in the basement all these years! For those of us either in less than perfect shape, the Phoenix II 3625 will allow you to get back in shape at your own pace. The lack of sweat and exhaustion upon your arrival to work is a much better way to start your day than being worn out before the work day starts!

4825 48V 25A 1200W 30mph 25mph

With a little more power than the Phoenix II 3625 system, the Phoenix II 4825 may be appropriate if you're installing the hub motor on a smaller wheel diameter such as 20 inch or 24 inch. Remember, the smaller the rim diameter the more torque you have, but less speed. Since an increase in voltage results in increased top speed, the added voltage of the Phoenix II 4825 is a good match for smaller wheel diameters, and for those where 25mph is fast enough! Trikes, tadpoles, and recumbents are all great vehicles for the Phoenix II 4825 System.

3640 36V 40A 1440W 32mph 28mph

Now things get interesting! ElectricRider's Phoenix II 3640 starts to light things up! You must form the same habits as you would riding around town on a motorcycle, and we also recommend DOT approved helmets for your safety. Despite its innocent appearance and light weight, the Phoenix II 3640 is a stand-alone system, meaning you do not have to pedal...ever. Unless you're trying to ride up the side of a mountain, the this system will climb about any hill without help from the rider. The Phoenix II 3640 comes with a quick battery disconnect to remove the batteries from the rack for charging if necessary.

4840 48V 40A 1920W 35mph 31mph

The famous 4840 has always been a part of our Phoenix line, but now with the amazing improvements that you've probably already read about! All our Phoenix II motors have hall effect sensors so that with our 4840F and later revision controllers they can be used as sensored OR sensorless....your choice! It also seems that with the drastic weight loss and higher reliability the Phoenix II 4840 rear motor has more speed than the original 4840 Cruiser and Brute motors! Treat the Phoenix II 4840 with respect and it may outlive your gas vehicle in mileage! Not to mention you get to part at the front door about everywhere you go! Some of our customers have systems with over 30,000 miles and counting, while one in particular is nearing 40,000 miles!

7240 72V 40A 2880W 45mph 37mph

ElectricRider's famous Phoenix II 7240 is one of the most powerful systems available, and has been for years. This is for the serious commuter, thrill seeker, or one who needs to pull an awful lot of weight. It's high voltage and and high current offer serious torque and speed, over 45 mph with the Phoenix Cruiser motor and about 40 mph with the Phoenix Brute! Even if you don't use the Phoenix II 7240 system at full throttle, your range will be that much greater. If you want serious power, it doesn't get more serious than this!

BaFang 8Fun electric bike conversion kit | mid-drive electric powered biycycle motor

The BaFang 8Fun Mid-Drive bike kit is one of the only mid-drive- electric bicycle conversion kits around, utilizing your rear cassette or freewheel gears as part of the motor drive system, much like a transmission in a car. Offering both pedal assist and throttle mode configurations, and a great LCD screen with plenty of options, ElectricRider is proud to be one of the few offering these options for our customers who want to convert a bike with a more modern look, and without sacrificing performance to do so. We discovered when riding a mid-drive it adds a smoother feel to the ride, compared to a lot of other systems in the market today. BaFang mid-drive systems are highly efficient when it comes to power AND range, offering the most and the best of both worlds. With a very affordable price-tag, what else could you ask for? All BaFang kits are backed by our 1 year warranty, leaving you with a great peace-of-mind and worrie-free ride.

What does it feel like to ride a BaFang 8Fun Mid-Drive?

“Powerful! Smooth & Relaxed ride”

“It works effortlessly. Simple and easy to operate”

The excitement of riding your BaFang 8Fun for the first time – as soon as you roll the throttle, the torque catches you by surprise as you are boosted by a one-of-a-kind electric motor – one of the first and few in the market today! With a mid-drive system you will gain the control back of being able to use the gears again, unlike traditional ebike kits. A BaFang 8Fun system provides power to the rider, knowing they have the choice of how fast or slow each commute is!

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In addition to your conversion kit, don’t forget to choose your battery! ElectricRider is proud and unique in that we build our own lithium batteries to assure quality, and the best long-term support. When purchasing a battery from ElectricRider, you are supporting American job growth and also have the peace-of-mind knowing that you’re receiving a high quality product with high quality support. We will be here when you need us.

Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Battery | Clydesdale Edition

The BionX electric bike kit will revolutionize your bike into an advanced intelligent electric bicycle. In most cases, the kit itself is very simple and easy to install as said by my most people. BionX has led the electric bike motor kit industry for years by offering a modern look, lightweight, and best engineered electric bike kit, in addition offering one of the best regenerative braking systems in the kit as well.

Check out the new line of RoadRunner II electric bike kits for 16 inch rims! Offering both front and rear wheel drive, ElectricRider doesn't want anyone to be left out, and you folks out there with small rims have been left out far too long. As any regular bicycle has a purpose, those with 16 inch rims also have a purpose. The ability to take your bicycle onto a bus, train, or toss it in your trunk has some major advantages, but what about when you're actually riding that bike? Wouldn't it be nice if you could pull that bike out of your trunk, turn the switch to the ON position, and use nothing more than your thumb or wrist to complete the rest of your journey? Whether you're commuting to work and don't like showing up sweaty, or trying to go places your legs can't take you alone, the RoadRunner II hub motor kits will add function and purpose to whatever your application might be.

If your bicycle has 16 inch wheels, the RoadRunner II kits are some of the most powerful systems you can install. Choose from a front or rear motor, and either 36 volt or 48 volt controller. The higher the voltage, the faster your top speed. Torque and acceleration are relatively the same between all RoadRunner II kits, and there's no difference in performance between front and rear wheel drive. The RoadRunner II motors work with rim brakes (not disc brake compatible) and are easy to install. The kits include the motor laced to a 16 inch rim, either 36V or 48V brushless controller, throttle, and APM-Display that shows your speed, distance traveled, and offers the rider some programming capabilities such as current limits and 3 preset speed settings. The battery is NOT included in the kit itself because there are several batteries you can choose from depending on your range and weight requirements.


ElectricRider offers several battery chemistries, each having their own advantages and disadvantages. There's always a trade-off when it comes to battery technology, whether you're trading cost for battery life, weight for battery life, cost for weight, etc. Below is a brief description of each chemistry and what they offer:

Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Batteries: SLA Batteries are almost ancient technology at this point, but they are inexpensive and reliable. You can expect about 250 recharge cycles from SLA batteries. A 48v 20ah pack weighs approximately 58lbs, although most folks use 12ah SLA batteries to keep weight down. If you don't want that kind of weight on your vehicle, or need more range than what a 12ah battery can offer, you'll want one of the lithium options below.

Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Batteries: LiFePO4 is one of the more matured lithium chemistries, and one of the most popular for ebikes. They are a very safe lithium chemistry and are rated for 1500-2000 recharge cycles. A 48v 20ah LiFePO4 battery weighs approximately 23lbs, less than half the weight of the equivalent SLA battery.

Lithium Manganese (LiMn): Lithium Manganese batteries have a focus on high energy density. If you need to fit a high capacity battery into a small space, Manganese is the right choice for you. Manganese is rated for 800-1000 recharge cycles and is also a very safe lithium chemistry. A 48v 20ah lithium manganese battery weighs approximately 13lbs, which almost makes LiFePO4 look heavy and big. We almost always recommend Manganese chemistry for 72v systems due to the amount of battery you'll be carrying.

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