Phoenix XT Pedicab Kit w/ 20AH Lithium-ion Battery - 2000W of Torque

Phoenix XT Pedicab Kit w/ 20AH Lithium-ion Battery - 2000W of Torque

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The Phoenix XT Pedicab Kit is finally here, and it offers some amazing torque! With the 2000W Phoenix Super Brute hub motor you can expect up to 20mph top speed, which means almost all that power translates into pure torque. This results in providing MUCH more assistance to the rider on steep hills, as well as greater efficiency since the power is being focused where it's needed; torque. The high capacity 48v 20ah lithium-ion battery is installed in the T5000 hard case for protection. The included APM-Display offers programming capabilities such as current limiting and speed limiting, and displays parameters such as battery voltage, speed, wattage, and more! For those who really need an accurate battery capacity meter, the Cycle Analyst V3 is available as an upgrade option by request.

In our opinion, the Phoenix Super Brute hub motor for pedicabs is the leader in electric pedicab motors by a long-shot, even over-taking the previously known leader, the Brute. While pedicabs need as much torque as they can get, they also have to remain reliable which means brushless and direct drive all the way. Direct drive brushless hub motors have no moving parts inside, so there's literally nothing to break. Bearings may need to be replaced eventually, but we pay more for high quality components like NSK bearings, an internal rust/corrosion preventative coating, Honeywell sensors, larger 10g silicon coated wire, etc.

If you are a pedicab owner and already have one of our Phoenix II kits you can simply replace only the hub motor with the new Super Brute motor (let us know what plug you have for phase) and the rest is compatible.


  •       New Super Brute Hub Motor has ridiculous torque**
    Brushless direct drive hub motors have no internal gears or parts to break under load
    Supplied with Phoenix 4840 controller (2000W)
    48V 20AH Lithium Battery installed in hard case for max protection(Up To 1600 Cycles)
    APM-Display included - Can upgrade by request to the Cycle Analyst V3
    Speeds up to 20 MPH on 26" rim without pedaling
2000W of pure torque
48V 20AH Lithium-ion Battery - Up to 1600 Recharge Cycles
No internal parts to break under heavy load
NSK bearing
Motor phase wire plug: XT150 bullet connector
Internally coated with anti-corrosive paint